Vienna-Berlin on Footbike

Update 4.6.2023. We have the list of all participants for Kickdistance 2023. Footbiking from Vienna to Berlin in a non stop ride, starting on 1.7.2023, 6 a.m. at Stephansplatz (Vienna).


  • Sandra Höck-Vormann, GER


  • Andreas Böhm, GER
  • Tomáš Hájek, CZE
  • David Leitheiser, GER
  • Václav Obrtlík, CZE
  • Patrick Olthof, NED
  • Norbert Palša, CZE
  • David Pašek, AUT
  • Guido Pfeiffermann, AUT
  • Adriaan Ringoir, NED
  • Michal Veselský, CZE

We are still in the process of reviewing the rules.
Here is the unofficial version of the rules (German version) –> download PDF

But you can start planning your ride (download the following 11 GPX files):

  • “Controlstation I – Wien (AUT)” to “Korneuburg (AUT)”
  • “Korneuburg (AUT)” to “Controlstation II – Znojmo (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation II – Znojmo (CZE)” to “Controlstation III – Jihlava (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation III – Jihlava (CZE)” to “Controlstation IV – Kolín (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation IV – Kolín (CZE)” to “Controlstation V – Mladá Boleslav (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation V – Mladá Boleslav (CZE)” to “Controlstation VI – Jablonné v Podještědí (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation VI – Jablonné v Podještědí (CZE)” to “Controlstation VII – Bautzen (GER)”
  • “Controlstation VII – Bautzen (GER)” to “Controlstation VIII – Sedlitzer-See (GER)”
  • “Controlstation VIII – Sedlitzer-See (GER)” to “Controlstation IX – Baruth-Mark (GER)”
  • “Controlstation IX – Baruth-Mark (GER)” to “Lichtenrade (GER)”
  • “Lichtenrade (GER)” to “Controlstation X – Berlin (GER)”

Distanzradfahrt 1893 and Kickdistance 2018
Distanzradfahrt 1893 and Kickdistance 2018

The race starts in…