Qualification for Kickdistance 2024

You have three options to qualify:

1.) You have previously participated in a Kickdistance event (regardless of whether you finished or not).
2.) During “Přejezd Republiky 2023,” you completed the race, including all breaks, in under 26 hours.
3.) You can qualify through a training or competition ride.

If you have qualified and paid the registration fee (EUR 35 until 31.12.2023; EUR 45 until 15.5.2024), you are officially a participant. For Point 2 (Přejezd Republiky) and Point 3 (new qualification ride), please send me a link to the GPS recording at guido@tritt.at.

Here are the details for Point 3: The qualification takes place between 7.8.2023 and 15.5.2024. Ride 8h, 9h, 10h, 11h or 12h by footbike, including all breaks, and cover at least the distance for Bronze (see table). Your ride must be recorded by GPS and the file must be accessible via a public link (Strava, Komoot, Garmin, etc.). Send the link to guido@tritt.at so that your qualification can be confirmed. The link to your ride and your status (Bronze, Silver, Gold) will be published on kickdistance.com.

Elapsed timeBronzeSilverGold
8h> 121 km> 146 km> 178 km
9h> 135 km> 163 km> 199 km
10h> 149 km> 180 km> 220 km
11h> 164 km> 197 km> 241 km
12h> 178 km> 214 km> 261 km

Of course you can kick 129,33km in 8:32:20 and it is Bronze. The route will be up to you. It is recommended if it is similar to Milan-Munich (distance 590 km and elevation 4000 m), e.g. 150 km and 1000 m.

Sporty regards, Guido