Route – GPX Files

There are 10 checkpoints (“Controlstation”) and the route between the Controlstations can be freely chosen. Here there are 11 GPX files. The routes are only suggestions. They are the fastest routes, but not the most beautiful. The routes between the checkpoints may be changed.

  • “Controlstation I – Wien (AUT)” to “Korneuburg (AUT)”
  • “Korneuburg (AUT)” to “Controlstation II – Znojmo (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation II – Znojmo (CZE)” to “Controlstation III – Jihlava (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation III – Jihlava (CZE)” to “Controlstation IV – Kolín (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation IV – Kolín (CZE)” to “Controlstation V – Mladá Boleslav (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation V – Mladá Boleslav (CZE)” to “Controlstation VI – Jablonné v Podještědí (CZE)”
  • “Controlstation VI – Jablonné v Podještědí (CZE)” to “Controlstation VII – Bautzen (GER)”
  • “Controlstation VII – Bautzen (GER)” to “Controlstation VIII – Sedlitzer-See (GER)”
  • “Controlstation VIII – Sedlitzer-See (GER)” to “Controlstation IX – Baruth-Mark (GER)”
  • “Controlstation IX – Baruth-Mark (GER)” to “Lichtenrade (GER)”
  • “Lichtenrade (GER)” to “Controlstation X – Berlin (GER)”